Information service

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We focus on fulfillment of integrated logistics services – ranging from the order to the point of customer satisfaction.
This also includes access to an information and enquiry system

Our own data centre allows us to realise flexible and fast gateways to you – and, at your request, to your customers and recipients:

  • Shipping information system
  • Pro-active delivery notification
  • Transport order entry
  • Inventory information desk
  • Returns management


The result: Complete transparency at any given time – and thus the safety to plan on schedule.

Shipping information system

You need information about your delivery:
Do you know the scheduled delivery date or the consignment / delivery note number?

With your access data, you will receive the desired information.

The respective status of the order is displayed with icons and additional information.

Shipping information system

Below you will find the components of our shipment information system:

  • Delivery bills
  • Positions
  • Scan positions
  • Traceability
  • Shipment positions
  • Packages
  • Tour
  • Status history

Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries!