Information service: We’ll keep in touch

We focus on fulfillment of integrated logistics services – ranging from the order to the point of customer satisfaction, a message and  information desk without gaps being an integral part.

Our own data centre allows us to realise flexible and fast gateways to you – and, at your request, to your customers and recipients:

  • Shipping information system
  • Pro-active delivery notification
  • Transport order entry
  • Inventory information desk
  • Returns management

The result: Complete transparency at any given time – and thus the safety to plan on schedule.

Shipping information system

Do you need information on your shipment? Do you know the scheduled delivery date, the shipment or delivery note reference number? Get information with either of these criteria!

tl_files/information service/en/1.jpg

The current status of your order will be shown with symbols and additional information.

The Shipping Unit tab is shown first. It contains the packing unit and the weight of the shipment.

More Information?